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Dark Army- Enemy Empty Dark Army- Enemy

Post  Admin Redlaw on Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:38 pm

I have found that my Xeno slow-roller deck works best against Dark Army's one member, Meddness. Meddness uses Atlas as his commander, and with his strike it rules out rush decks. Meddness also has a number of cards that have strike, this means that a slow-roller deck or a Heal/Vampire deck would be the way forward. I trailed my Bloodthirsty vampire deck, but it was overly reliant on luck and what cards where drawn. So that left my Xeno slow-roller. The only weakness that my Xeno deck has against Meddness is that his deck has quite a dew AA cards, and i have a few Flying, nevermind, my Phantom will deal with it.

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